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How to change Utah’s political landscape

Jun, 2018

Author : Kelsey Boyer Comments : 0 2

Tired of not seeing your values represented by our local elected officials? Us too. It’s time to put in the work and get the right people elected in our state–people who will fight for women and marginalize communities. People who will promote reproductive justice. People who stand with Planned Parenthood. You can help Planned Parenthood

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Trump’s new gag rule is bad–here’s how to fight it

May, 2018

Author : Kelsey Boyer Comments : 0 0

Another attack on our healthcare In its newest attack on women’s health and rights, the Trump administration has proposed a rule that would cut any health provider who performs abortions or refers patients to clinics that provide abortions out of Title X’s federal family planning money. Karrie Galloway, CEO of Planned Parenthood Association of Utah, knows changes

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I was able to pay on a sliding scale

May, 2018

Author : ppac Comments : 0 0

“In high school, even though my parents were supportive open people, I was too embarrassed to ask for birth control, so I went to a Planned Parenthood to find out more (before the internet!). They taught me about my options. After college, but before I could afford health insurance, I again went to Planned Parenthood

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