About Us

Planned Parenthood Action Council (PPAC) is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization formed as the advocacy and political arm of Planned Parenthood Association of Utah. PPAC engages in educational and electoral activity including legislative advocacy, voter education, and grassroots organizing to promote Planned Parenthood Association of Utah’s mission.

PPAC works to ensure women and men have access to the family planning and reproductive health care services and information they need. We intend to create a world where sexual and reproductive rights are human rights; access to health care doesn’t depend on who you are; and a world where every person has the opportunity to choose their own path to a healthy and meaningful life.

Our Public Affairs Staff

Karrie Galloway
Chief Executive Officer and President

As president of Planned Parenthood Association of Utah and Planned Parenthood Action Council, Karrie leads the statewide reproductive health care movement that has worked for nearly 50 years to build a healthier Utah.

Katrina Barker
Communications and Marketing Director

Katrina manages Planned Parenthood’s media, marketing, and communication efforts. Katrina handles all media inquires, marketing requests, and manages our social media and online presence.

Saundra Stokes
Community Engagement Director 

Saundra engages our community in the fight for reproductive justice and manages our SURF clubs and interns.

Candida Duran-Taveras
Community and Digital Organizer 

Candida manages our volunteers and Ambassador program and maintains PPAU’s and PPAC’s supporter data.