Our Policy Issues

Affordable Healthcare

affordable_carePlanned Parenthood advocates that all Utahns — whether they’re working parents, teens, families struggling to get by, or CEOs — should have equal access to the reproductive health care they need. Health care that includes individualized birth control options, and information to make healthy choices when it comes to sex and parenthood.

Quality Sex Education

sex_edPlanned Parenthood works to ensure access to sex education programs that give young people the information that they need to make responsible decisions and stay healthy. Young people need accurate and complete information to help them both postpone sexual activity, and protect themselves if they become sexually active. Moreover, young people need age-appropriate, LGBTQ-inclusive, sex education that helps prevent sexual assault — including lessons about communication, consent, and healthy relationships.

Access to Safe and Legal Abortion for All Women

abortionAbortion is health care. Planned Parenthood works to ensure all women receive unbiased, medically accurate information about all of her options and is able to make her choice freely. Access to abortion is not only a constitutionally protected right; it’s one that’s supported by two-thirds of Americans.